A Granny Flat Solution for You and Your Family

Is a Granny Flat the Solution for Your Family’s Needs?

With rent going up and up, even in suburban and rural areas of Sydney, a lot of homeowners are turning to a granny flat solution for their housing needs. Whether it’s a relative getting on in age or children living at home while going through university, there are a wide range of granny flat solutions you can look at.

Granny flat solutions in Sydney

One living option which is increasing in popularity is having kids live in granny flats or mini homes while they save for their own home.

A Weight Off the Shoulders of Your Kids

Changing culture means changes to the traditional moving out story. Where once kids would leave home in their late teenage years to embark on the wild walk of young adulthood, they are now opting to stay at home to save up because of an inflated housing market.

It is taking young people longer to save for their first home and with the added pressures of university or trades which pay very little, it is difficult to get a foot in the door (or out the door in your case).

Whilst some may look down on this, for many young people, this is the reality. Granny flat solutions for your kids could take an immense weight off the shoulders of young people growing up in a world far different from the one their parents experienced.

Premier Granny Flats Offers a Wide Range of Options for You and Your Family

Granny Flat Solutions SydneyNow that granny flats are normalised and a very attractive option for homeowners, there are a wide variety of granny flat solutions available for you and your family. They come in many different styles and some even have dedicated architects who work primarily in this area.

At Premier Granny Flats, we have a range of solutions that will fit comfortably within most reasonable backyards and can be customised to your needs and dimensions.

We have a range of designs from studio granny flats through to multiple bedrooms and bathrooms in your granny flat. We will work with you to custom build your granny flat to suit your needs and come up with a solution to suit everyone.

The Benefits of Building a Granny Flat

Many customers look for granny flat solutions which can accommodate three generations whilst ensuring privacy for all occupants. Whilst this can be a personal choice, there are actually numerous strategic benefits to this decision including: greater economy, security, childminding solutions, cost effectiveness, and enhanced resale value. With a wide variety of modern, affordable, and flexible design options, you really can’t go wrong. Remember to check with your local authority or State regulations that may apply in your area.

With that said, it is important to consider, when designing your granny flat, that some potential buyers will see the added infrastructure as a benefit but others might be looking for a bigger backyard space.

Email the team at PGF today for a free online assessment and see how we can support you through the design and build process.

Whether renting out for extra income or entertaining guests, granny flat projects are cost-effective, space-efficient, and stress-relieving.

More Advantages to a Granny Flat in the Backyard

Balancing the family budget can be tough at the best of times but having a secondary dwelling in your backyard can assist with that process. You are essentially making the most of the land you own, capitalising on its value. Whether you are renting it out for extra income, entertaining guests, or providing accommodation for your parents or children, granny flat projects are cost-effective, space-efficient, and stress-relieving.

Sydney Granny Flat solutionsFor older residents, it can mean staying close to a helping hand should they require care in their later years. For younger people, it can be a comfort as they begin to explore a life of independence.

Another useful but less thought of benefit is that granny flats or second dwellings may assist your family in the event of a divorce or separation.

Selling off assets like the family home can be a tough process on top of everything that’s already going on. With divorce settlements sometimes lasting a long time, a flat or second dwelling can give the two parties privacy to live apart whilst also remaining close to kids for everyday needs such as transport to school and recreational activities.

To talk more about a granny flat solution for you and your family, get in touch with the team at PGF today.