Backyard Granny Flats – Council regulations and Benefits

What is a Backyard Granny Flat and What Do I Need to Build One?

Backyard granny flats are helpful investments for both additional income and simply providing a secondary dwelling for family members. They can help give your relatives some breathing room and privacy, whilst also remaining close to give the support that is so valuable.

Alternatively, they can be a stress-free way of generating additional income to help balance the family budget. With their affordable price tag and easy-to-maintain lifestyle, it’s no wonder more Australians are opting for this option.

Council regulations for a granny flatGranny flats in general are considered to be secondary dwellings, which means that they exist on the same plot of land as the primary residence. The most popular build for these buildings is self-contained backyard granny flats, separated from the main house with their own entrance and amenities. It is possible though, to build a granny flat that’s attached to the main house. Whatever option you choose, there are council and State regulations to be aware of before building.

Most laws require the property owner to obtain approval for dual occupancy unless the flat would be rented out as a single residence. To rent out one or both premises may warrant an assessment in order to change the official use of that property with the council. There is a danger in not seeking out approval first in these circumstances and some councils may be inclined to take action in the form of notices against the property owner.

In any case, it is important to seek the advice of a professional before proceeding with a granny flat build. This is because the specific stipulations and regulations surrounding the building of backyard granny flats can be unique to the local council or government areas. With Premier Granny Flats, you can reach out for a free online assessment to gain a wider understanding of your options and ways forward.

The benefits of building a backyard granny flat far outweigh any of the costs involved.

Granny flat council regulationsWhat Are the Regulations When Building a Backyard Granny Flat in New South Wales?

Working with PGF, we are there alongside you to answer any questions you may have. From the moment you go through the desktop site analysis to the final build, we are there to provide you with the professional care and service that you and your project deserve.

This means that our team of fully qualified and experienced designers know exactly what your local council or State Government is going to be looking for to ensure it aligns with their guidelines.

In some cases, you may not need approval before building but when our advice is free of charge, why not make sure of it? For quality, trustworthy advice that doesn’t dent the bank, reach out to PGF today.

In general, approval for backyard granny flats built in New South Wales does not depend on how you intend to use the secondary dwelling.

This can help you out in the initial stages if you’re still unsure as to whether you want to rent it out or use it as a secondary dwelling place for you and your family.

Backyard granny flats can be up to 60sqm provided your property is a minimum of 450sqm, and 12.5 metres wide. Keep in mind though, that these projects might be subject to setbacks and height restrictions depending on each individual case. Patios, verandas, and decks are not factored into these general guidelines.

The Benefits of Building Backyard Granny Flats

Granny flat council requirementsExtra Space for a Home Office

If you own your own business, you’ll know that commercial rent is expensive. A popular option is to design a space to work at home that’s tailored to suit your needs.

Live in the Granny Flat and Rent Your Residence

Designing a pristine modern granny flat and living in it means you can rent out your main residence for a greater price than it would the other way around. Build smart, not big, and experience the world of difference granny flats can make in your finances.

Teenagers Out, Parents In… It’s a win-win!

With the current state of the housing market, getting a foot in the door is becoming a difficult task for many young people. Get the youngsters into their own home and more importantly, out of yours, with a backyard granny flat!

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