Building a Granny Flat in Sydney – Things You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Granny Flat in Sydney

Building a granny flat in Sydney can seem like a simple affair, and it is… if you prepare well! In the last ten years, the popularity of granny flats has shot up in Sydney. Steep interest rates and rising mortgages mean that people are on the lookout for smarter, more affordable housing alternatives and investment opportunities.

Granny flat builds in Sydney

The uncovering of the profitability of this venture has seen building a granny flat in Sydney come into the mainstream. Part of what this means is that the competition is now alive and well, and builders must be smart about how and where they design their granny flats. Premier Granny Flats will help you navigate this process with expert advice at seriously competitive prices. Call us today to get started on your journey!

You’ll likely start with a whole range of questions surrounding the initial design and eventual build of the project. Find yourself a reliable builder in Premier Granny Flats and feel comforted that we will answer all your questions and hear all your ideas in a timely manner.


Premier Granny Flats will help you navigate the building process with expert advice at seriously competitive prices.

For now, though, here is what you can expect and some tips that will help you out when building a granny flat in Sydney.

1. Planning & Deposit

When building a granny flat in Sydney, the first step is to decide on the right design for you. What that looks like will depend on your personal goals and needs. You will also need to keep in mind budget and the limitations of your block. Once that’s locked in, we’ll begin with the paperwork and approval process.

Sydney granny flat builds2. Site Clear & Preparation

Site clear can be a fun but laborious process. This is where any debris or objects obstructing the build can get knocked down, such as rusty clotheslines or rickety garden sheds.

Anything you want to keep can be put aside before the clearing of the site occurs.

To make sure everything we do is in line with the council and/or State regulations, we need to let your neighbours know the intention of the project and give them a heads up that there may be an occasional disturbance. If your relationship with them is good, invite them over for coffee or dinner and tell them then! After all, when does food ever not make breaking news easier?

3. Piers & Slab Foundation

When the area is suitably clear of obstructions, our team of surveyors will begin to mark out where your granny flat will go. We will then excavate, pour the foundation, and prop up the piers.

4. Frame Erection

The next step is to build the frame of your granny flat. Timber, steel, or another material decided on in the design process will be used to construct a strong frame on which everything else will depend. This is essentially the skeleton for your granny flat.

5. Lock-Up

This phase of building a granny flat in Sydney does not simply refer to locking the door behind us as we leave. This is the wrapping of the skeleton, covering the frame with the first glimpse of your final design. You may begin to see the picture you had in your head take shape in this step as the roof and guttering are installed along with the external work to make sure the building is completely sealed.

6. Linings & Utilities

Now that your granny flat is protected, the practical stuff can begin. The interior of the granny flat such as the plumbing and electrical systems are installed and the internal walling is reinforced with insulation and plasterboard.

Building a granny flat in Sydney7. Flooring & Fix-Out

At Premier Granny Flats, we are philosophers in that we believe it’s what inside that matters most. In this step, the inner life of the build is established. The final tiling, flooring, shower screens, paintwork, and all other necessities are finished at this time.

8. Practical Completion & Handover

There’s just a little bit more to do. A final inspection is conducted to make sure everything is good to go and up to scratch. We also need to make sure the electrical and plumbing are functional and ready for your use.

After this thorough check is completed, the keys are all yours, and it’s time to take ownership of your very own granny flat! The whole process will leave you wondering how our team at Premier Granny Flats made building a granny flat in Sydney so simple. That’s easy, we are experts and we love what we do!

Call us now to begin the process or to find out more about building a granny flat in Sydney that is just right for you.