Cheap Granny Flats – Quality Over Cost

Redefining Cheap Granny Flats

The housing market has completely shifted in the last decade in Sydney making it more possible than ever to invest in cheap granny flats that don’t skimp on quality. There are now more designs for granny flats than there have ever been before as the need for affordable, flexible housing grows. People from all walks of life and ages are now showing interest in granny flats!

An Affordable Way to Enter the House Market

Building cheap granny flats

Young Australians are looking to build quality, yet affordable, granny flats instead of larger homes. The reason? A granny flat is more likely to align with their income and provide an affordable way to enter the housing market.

But it’s not just millennials that are warming to this stylish alternative; families everywhere are seeing the benefits of choosing a quality granny flat at an affordable price. Whether it’s for elderly parents, adult children trying to enter the property market, a teenager’s retreat, a home office, or for rental income, the reasons to build granny flats vary. This much is clear: the future of affordable housing is here.

Can Cheap Granny Flats Hold Weight Against Luxury Sydney Homes?

Urbanisation has seen lot sizes in Sydney decrease as house prices continue to grow. What this means for the potential buyer is an unsustainable basis for homeownership.

Often the best accommodation young Sydneysiders can serve up for themselves are backpackers lodges and one-bedroom apartments far away from everything their life revolves around like universities and shopping centres.

This is where the appeal of cheap granny flats really stands out.

Is Chasing Quality Over Cost Really Worth it?

In a word, “YES”! You’re much better off choosing quality from the beginning, taking your time in the design and planning your build well, and seeking relevant authority approvals. This will mean less unexpected changes and will save you money in the long haul.

You could potentially end up paying the same amount for a cheap granny flat as you would a high-quality, premium one once all the additional costs are added up.

That’s where Premier Granny Flats steps in to help. We ensure our clients know all the costs before committing to anything. With free assessments and quotes available, commence building with complete confidence in your builders.

Quality Custom Designed Granny Flats

A typical granny flat can set you back anywhere between $50,000 and $200,000 on average. But whoever said a two-bedroom granny flat can’t feel luxurious? By choosing the right materials and capitalising on space, your granny flat can have all the charm of its full-size counterparts.

Quality granny flats

It’s important to note though that when you go for more affordable options, you’re going to get what you pay for.

You may have to compromise in some way on the components you love, to save on costs.

We often think that saving money in the short term means saving money in the long term, although that is sometimes misleading.

Quality Over Cost is the Way to Go

When it comes to building our granny flats, we place quality over cost. Why, you ask? Well, by opting for quality in your build, you are investing in durable materials that won’t erode as easily when exposed to weather. With cheaper materials, you may have to renovate or replace materials much sooner, costing you more money, more frequently!

Additionally, if you are renting out your space, renters will pay top dollar for a granny flat that feels premium and luxurious as opposed to one that feels cheap. Quality materials and design could mean the difference between $400 and $1000 a week. Over a year, that extra difference accumulates very quickly and substantially!

And if, or when, the time comes to sell your granny flat, buyers are going to be looking for things like the materials you’ve used, the quality of the foundation, the durability and innovation of the design.

If you want to increase the market value of your granny flat, there’s no better way than to invest in quality over cost from the very outset of the build. Talk to the friendly team at Premier Granny Flats today and start your journey with us.

Our modern designs are the best on the market, combining innovation with creativity to brew up something extravagant!

High Quality, Cheap Granny Flats Designed by Premier Granny Flats

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Book an assessment with Premier Granny Flats and be on your way to building the granny flat of your dreams, because remember cheap granny flat does not always equal quality!