Baulkham Hills Granny Flat Plans and Prices

Baulkham Hills is in one of the fastest growing Local Government precincts in New South Wales.

It is of key historical importance to the greater Sydney regionboasting culturally significant sites of Aboriginal heritage, early European exploration and convict settlement, Hawkesbury River farming and agriculture, and religious and ethnic diversity.

Not suprising, the preferred option for many residents with ageing parents and growing families is adding a custom designed granny flat.

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Granny Flats – a good option for an ageing population

It represents the intersection of Australia’s migrant past and its cosmopolitan future.

As the community grows, so do the families that make this part of Australia’s heartland so special, which is why residents of Baulkham Hills are increasingly seeking out living options which enable them to keep loved ones close.

This is especially true for aging relatives and young people trying to make a start in a world where living expenses just keep going up.

A family friendly option

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Commercially run facilities (like retirement villages and nursing homes)definitely have their place but they are expensive and can be difficult from which to extract your family’s financial investment when the facility is no longer needed 

specially designed granny flat can provide fresh, downsized living options for parents and grandparents at a fraction of the cost of entering and covering ongoing costs in external facilities. 

Equally, young people, feeling like they should have already moved out of the family home but not able to completely step out into the world on their own, can find a granny flat within the precincts of the existing family homea suitable compromise.  

Baulkham Hills locals repeatedly seek out the services of Premier Granny Flat Buildersexperienced granny flat designers, builderand suppliers who know the area and its residentsthe applicable building codes, and local council and utility suppliers.