Blacktown Granny Flat Builders

In the heart of Western Sydney, Blacktown Granny Flat Builders understand the needs of the large and diverse population of Blacktown.

Whether your build is to accommodate extended family, find a happy balance between your music and the kids’, or add a much-needed home workspace, you’ll find everything you need with Blacktown Granny Flat Builders.

Don’t waste your time planning without knowing what you are getting yourself into – let us plan, design and build it for you.

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We service any address in the vast region of Blacktown

With just a phone call, you could be on your way to building a granny flat with peace of mind, knowing that your chosen builders are experts in their field. We will assist you with the process from the time of the first phone call to handing over the keys, and everything in between.

Many people we talk to think there are no legal requirements for building granny flats on their own properties because they’ve heard that granny flats don’t need council approval; they are sadly misinformed and poised to make a costly mistake.`

Granny Flat Designs Blacktown

Thats where we step in!

With intimate knowledge of Blacktown City Council laws and regulations concerning the construction of granny flats on residential properties, our customers always walk away with a compliant dwelling.

Perhaps merely ‘compliant’ sells us short; our contemporary granny flat designs exceed not only Blacktown City Council laws and regulations, building code and residential town planning parameters, they are also beautiful, practical, designer pockets of luxury in one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Your new granny flat will be a joy to come home to and a gem you’ll never want to leave.

How do we do this? Building Granny Flats in Blacktown is what we do!

With decades in the building industry, highly skilled craftsman and our ‘get it right the first time’ attitude, Blacktown Granny Flat Builders know what it takes to deliver a quality product, on time and on budget.