Granny Flats Builder Castle Hill: A solution for everyone

We create happy customers!

We design, project manage and build, meaning that we are an all-services, licensed building company, servicing all areas of Castle Hill and the surrounding Hills District.

All our work is guaranteed and insured. Better still, we’re local, with our finger on the pulse of the Castle Hill community.

  • As designers, you’ll find us accommodating, innovative and inspired;
  • As project managers, you’ll find us organised, on-time, friendly and commanding; and
  • As builders, you’ll find us skilful and efficient, with keen attention to detail.

Premier Granny Flat Builders, Castle Hill are in the creation business.

This is ActionBox

You can leave it to us to lay the ground work for your Granny Flat

You must engage a licensed builder and/or architect to design and construct your granny flat, unless you have an owner-builder’s permit which entitles you to construct a granny flat dwelling.

To get an owner builder licence you need to undertake an owner builder course and pay the applicable fees and costs. These outlays can be substantial, so you will need to take them into account when assessing the value of the project. Also ask yourself,

‘Do I have the time and the Granny Flat Builder Skills to make this work?’

Quite seriously, as a builder, I wouldn’t attempt to write my own legal contract because I simply don’t have the skills.

I would make a mistake somewhere and the contract would be useless, which may turn out to be quite disastrous for me.

I just don’t know the tricks, the traps, which i’s to dot and which t’s to cross. While there are plenty of successful owner-builders, there are also a large portion of ambitious owner builders who end up at our doorstep needing assistance.

Granny Flat Designs Blacktown

For the fraction of the cost of another property, you could be poised to reap the benefit of your foresight

An important consideration for any investor wishing to hold property long term and turn a profit, is staying within your budget.  

We can help with that

You’ll see why we’re the number one choice for granny flat builders in Parramatta as we outline in detail, all of the costs upfront, broken down for you to easily understand where, why and how your hard-earned money is being spent.

Costs can easily blow out with mid-project changes, over-commitment on fittings and delays caused by the homeowner.

Just like the outline of costs as the beginning of the project, homeowners are advised to outline their own expectations and then (the hard part), stick with them, to stay on track and on budget.