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Parramatta Granny Flats Builders 

Whether you’re building the world’s tallest building or a granny flat in the backyard, there are council laws and regulations that govern the area of your build that will apply and must be followedRules vary from region to region, for example, although you need planning permission to build a granny flat in Parramatta, you don’t need council approval so long as the build falls within certain parameters.   

In all truthfulness, negotiating your way around the requirements can be a confusing process. You could easily make an innocent mistake, which could turn out to be costly to fix.  

Custom Granny Flat Builders Parramatta

Email us for a free site assessment on your existing property in Parramatta to answer any questions.

As you can imagine, it’s important to engage a granny flat builder who knows what the legislation requires in your area and who is licensed to build the dwelling you require. 

Enter, Premier Granny Flat Builders, your local Parramatta granny flat builder

As licensed builders with diverse experience in the industry, we have the skills, the expertise and the know-how to turn your designs into a reality, all complying with the relevant building codes and regulations appropriate in your locality. Our builders are experts in their field, boasting many years of specialised granny flat building experience and insisting on only the highest quality materials. And we know what is important to you…you’ll delight in our inclusions list and stunning range of fittings and fixtures to suit the style and feel of your new space.  

Don’t have your own design? No problem… 

At Premier Granny Flat Builders Parramatta, we have a wide range of contemporary granny flat design solutions to suit just about every scenario…and believe me, we’ve seen just about everything! Whether you’re looking to banish your teen and his drum kit from the house, create a recording studio of your own or accommodate the extended family, we have a design to suit you. And if we don’t…then our custom-design solution will be sure to solve your particular space or shape problem.  

FAQ’s – Granny Flat

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We are here to help you!

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