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Baulkham Hills Granny Flat Designs 

Designing a new living space can be an absolute delight! How lovely to choose a cosy granny flat design, add to it calming hues and unique quality fixtures to create for yourself a gorgeous space that has the gratifying feeling of ‘coming home’. 

 Premier Granny Flat Builders has a range of contemporary and traditional granny flat designs to suit all kinds of properties and needs. But even we admit that 

designing and building a granny flat for someone else to live in is no small undertaking.   

Custom Granny Flat Designs Baulkham Hills

Email us for a free site assessment on your existing property in Baulkham Hills to answer any questions.

Granny Flat Planning considerations

It requires not only careful planning and project management of the build, but also a full understanding of the legal, financial and taxation implications of the work.  

We can advise you about granny flat designs and related construction requirements of the granny flat itself, but you’ll need legal and/or accounting advice to know the implications of investing in a granny flat construction and giving a family member a right to reside there into the future. 

Even though they’re family, you should still have a contract. 

Do I need a contract with my granny flat builder?

Your legal advisor will probably suggest you have a written contract with your tenant, whether that’s a parent, child or no relation at all. It will protect both parties in the event that you want to sell the propertythe tenant fails to maintain it properlya party defaults in paying for connected services or utilities, or a party dies or becomes incapable due to age, accident or illness. 

The agreement will need to specify, at the very least, how the agreement can be terminated when it is no longer needed, for any number of foreseeable reasons.  

We don’t like to think about it, especially when we are talking about family, but without proper advice and a well-designed contractthere could be unexpected costs or consequences down the track, no matter how good the design and build of your granny flat in the first place. 


FAQ’s about Granny Flats in Baulkham Hills

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We are here to help you!

For an obligation free discussion Email Premier Granny Flat Designers today and one of our friendly consultants will contact you to compare the investment and outlay options for granny flat builds on your home property.

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