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Granny Flats Designs in Blacktown

Blacktown is a classic example of modern urbanisation and expansion in Western Sydney. Boasting the largest land area and population on the Cumberland Plain, Blacktown’s growth since the 1933 census of 13,000 people has multiplied to a staggering 336,000+! Scores of people flock to Blacktown each year for its affordable living, and to bask in the richness of the cultural tapestry of the region. As the region grows, so too does the demand for housing and accommodation, and as our population ages, so grows the need for accommodation for our elder statesmen.

Imagine the peace of mind, knowing that your parents or older relatives are safe and secure, well looked-after and well-loved, living with you in a granny flat designed just for them and their increasing needs.

Custom Granny Designs Blacktown

Email us for a free site assessment on your existing property in Blacktown to answer any questions.

That’s where we come in!

Retirement facilities most definitely have their place, but if you listen to anyone worth their financial salt, they are also a money pit. It’s true, they offer extended care for our older relatives who find themselves incapacitated but mostly, they offer convenience for families who have no room at their family home.

Why not build a granny flat instead?

For a fraction of the cost of a retirement facility investment, you can keep your nearest and dearest, physically ‘nearest’ by designing a purpose-built granny flat on your own property. The process might seem a little daunting but with decades of experience in the industry, we can manage this process for you.

You can have as much or as little input as suits you

A quick call to our friendly staff will get the ball rolling for you and your loved ones, as we work through the best granny flat designs for you and your situation.

FAQ’s about building Granny Flats in Blacktown

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  4. How long does it take to build a granny flat in Blacktown?

We are here to help you!

Email Blacktown Granny Flat Builders no to discuss your ideas and we’ll find a granny flat design that’s right for you.

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