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While Castle Hill is only a relatively small business centre of the Hills District, with modest population growth forecasted, the most significant change in coming years is the age structure of the population.

Castle Hill already boasts a higher than average median age for the region, with the future forecast to bring little growth in the younger age range.

What does that mean for Castle Hill?

Well, put simply, it means our population of retirement age residents is going to increase by about 30% over the next 20 years. That’s a lot!

Your parents might be part of that group who are going to need care into their older age. Or maybe it’s you that will be in need of care moving forward!

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What are your plans? Retirement facility? In-home care?

As always, legal advice should be sought prior to any decisions being made but considering a granny flat built on your property for an ageing population might just be a mutually beneficial way forward. It certainly affords the best opportunity to maintain a level of control over the quality of care and companionship that your elders receive into their golden years.

Granny flat designs that consider the welfare of the elderly can incorporate all kinds of assistive aids for the safely of those dwelling within, allowing the freedom of independent living with the peace of mind that someone is close by if help is needed.

And if, at some point, your granny flat no longer houses an elderly relative, or you just don’t in fact have one to accommodate, then a well-designed granny flat has a myriad of other uses. Think home business, art or recording studio or if you situation allows, a passive income stream as a rental property or BnB.

Granny Flat Designs Blacktown

Always take the right advice from a licensed and experienced builder. You should never take short cuts with your granny flat design or build and neither should you miss this important step

For the fraction of the cost of another property, you could be poised to reap the benefit of your foresight

An important consideration for any investor wishing to hold property long term and turn a profit, is staying within your budget.  

We can help with that

You’ll see why we’re the number one choice for granny flat builders in Parramatta as we outline in detail, all of the costs upfront, broken down for you to easily understand where, why and how your hard-earned money is being spent.

Costs can easily blow out with mid-project changes, over-commitment on fittings and delays caused by the homeowner.

Just like the outline of costs as the beginning of the project, homeowners are advised to outline their own expectations and then (the hard part), stick with them, to stay on track and on budget.