Parramatta Granny Flat Designs

 You know that feeling you get when you stand back and look at something you’ve created, a job well-done, and you just can’t get the grin off your face?

Waves of satisfaction creep up from your toes and it’s like slipping into a warm spa.

You let out a sigh, not of exasperation but of sheer pleasure. ‘I made that,’ you think, ‘and it’s bloody good!’. Well, that’s how we feel every day at the end of a job well-done!  

Let us help you design the perfect Granny Flat for a loved one or your future.

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And that there, is the reason why our clients love building Granny Flats with us.

Maybe you’re feeling a little daunted by your latest building project. It’s a lot to think about; just the process of getting started is enough to scare some people away. If you have a good building team though, the headache of not knowing where to start, simply goes away.

At Premier Granny Flat Builders, Parramatta, we are committed to looking after our client and ensuring that the process seems easy, effortless even.  

We can manage the whole process from you picking up the phone to make your first enquiry, to us handing you the keys to your completed granny flat.

We might need a signature and/or decision or two along the way but with decades of experiences between us, we are adept at project managing the day to day, while still consulting you about the things that really matter. 

Granny Flat Designs Blacktown

Granny flat designs Parramatta are high quality and designed to impress.

An important consideration for any investor wishing to hold property long term and turn a profit, is staying within your budget.  

We can help with that

You can choose from our wide range of granny flats designs or we can custom-design a granny flat to suit your space, your style, your needs and your budget. Our experienced team knows what works in a granny flat space and which ideas might need tweaking.

Most of all, our team wants you to have the best experience possible while building with Premier Granny Flats.