Granny Flat Designs Penrith

Granny Flat Designs Penrith. Tudor, Hamptons, Mediterranean, Ranch, Queenslander, Cape Cod, Modern Country, French Country, Colonial, Victorian, Cottage, Contemporary and Farmhouse…just a few of the styles most favoured by Aussies when they build their own house.

And this list is by no means exhaustive!  

Make no mistake; when people are designing a granny flat to accompanying their existing property, they give it just as much consideration as if they were designing their own home, all over again. 

Add your own style and flair to our easy, breezy, care-free, stress-free granny flat designs and get ready to create a space for your loved ones that they will simply adore for years to come. 

Granny Flat Designs Penrith:
My Granny Flat has to match!

It’s a sentence we’ve heard many times here at Premier Granny Flat Builders. We acknowledge that style is personal and important. That’s why we have a range of granny flat designs to suit even the most discerning homeowner or investor.  

Long gone are the days of the rectangular box that houses old grandma. No, today’s granny flat buyers want style, comfort, efficiency and versatility, and spaces that deliver compact but exhaustive features that are the envy of poorly thought-out but larger homes.

Though small in comparison, we believe that contemporary granny flat designs should have all the creature comforts of a larger home. Living in a granny flat should be comfortable and easy because the design makes it that way. 

It’s a standard we do our utmost to live up to each and every day

Tiny houses have done much for the granny flat design industry in Penrith because designers and builders have begun to think outside the box in order to create the most habitable space possible. Living without the stress of too many possessions seems to be the attraction of inhabiting a tiny house. Creating a granny flat space with that same care-free, stress-free feel about it is what a granny flat should be.