Baulkham Hills Granny Flat Plans and Prices

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Baulkham Hills Granny Flat Plans and Prices 

Granny flats can be designed with your family’s priorities and aspirations in mind.  They may comprise additional self-contained rooms in existing dwellings or be attached as annexes with separate facilities. 

Detached Granny Flats

On properties where surplus land is available behind the existing main dwelling, a granny flat can be constructed as an entirely separate building to the main residence. 

In some cases, the most logical and cost-effective way to get a granny flat onto your property is to use existing spaces like garages and work sheds that can be transformed into habitable apartments for independent tenants, complete with plumbing and electricity. 

Custom Granny Flat Builder Baulkham Hills

Email us for a free site assessment on your existing property in Baulkham Hills to answer any questions.

This is called a detached granny flat. In some areas, it can also have an attached single lock up garage or verandah. The land size of your property will determine the size of the granny flat you will be able to build. 

Premier Granny Flat Builders offer a wide variety of granny flat plans and prices to suit almost every budget and indeed anything you might want to use the granny flat for. As with all building projects, there are a range of issues to be considered and decisions to be made by the property owner prior to commencing the build. 

Granny Flats in Baulkham Hills – A unique perspective

Our local knowledge of materials, climate, building codes and community needs gives us a unique perspective, which has been appreciated by many of our clients over the years that we have been servicing Baulkham Hills. 

With your guidance, cultural considerations can also be incorporated into the granny flat design.  Living areas that include prayer spaces and feng shui aesthetics can be custom designed.  

Sustainable Granny Flat plans

And to reduce your environmental footprint, our use of eco-friendly features like solar and green energy options, water saving/grey water usage, compact storage solutions and modern building materials will assist residentto adopt sustainable living practices and reduce operating costs. 

FAQ’s about Granny Flats in Baulkham Hills

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We are here to help you!

To find out what options are available to you and to find granny flat plans and prices that suit your needs and budget, email Premier Granny Flats today. 

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