Parramatta Granny Flat Plans and Prices

With population forecast to increase by 82.6% by 2041, Parramatta investors and homeowners are poised to cash in on an ever-increasing demand on housing

In particular, young adults who are drawn to city for work will be looking for a place to hang their hat while they are bustling through life, working hard and playing hard. 

They’ll be looking for accommodation that is accessible to everywhere, has access to public transport and most of all, is very low maintenance. 

We will manage the design, plan and build to make sure your budget  doesn’t just “blow out”!

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Savvy investors have already begun planning for this eventuality

Some cost-conscious investors are opting to build low maintenance granny flats on existing properties or family homes, rather than opting for the expensive option of acquiring an investment property.  

We see trends like this one repeated around the region and those who like to stay ahead of the curve are taking advantage. Our granny flat plans and prices are of course, affordable and competitive priced but best of all, we have something to suit just about everyone. 

Not only would a standard or custom design from Premier Granny Flat Builders, Parramatta, be a solid investment choice, it also makes a stylish accompaniment to your existing home or investment property. 

Forget about the rectangular brick box that you might have in your mind. If your house is stylish, your granny flat should be too! 

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For the fraction of the cost of another property, you could be poised to reap the benefit of your foresight

An important consideration for any investor wishing to hold property long term and turn a profit, is staying within your budget.  

We can help with that

You’ll see why we’re the number one choice for granny flat builders in Parramatta as we outline in detail, all of the costs upfront, broken down for you to easily understand where, why and how your hard-earned money is being spent.

Costs can easily blow out with mid-project changes, over-commitment on fittings and delays caused by the homeowner.

Just like the outline of costs as the beginning of the project, homeowners are advised to outline their own expectations and then (the hard part), stick with them, to stay on track and on budget.