Penrith Granny Flats Plans and Prices

Boasting the enviable title of 8th largest city in Australia, the outer western Sydney suburb of Penrith accommodates 2.58% of the NSW population.

With steady growth, that figure is set to increase in the coming years from an already bustling business centre of over 200,000 people to become one of the most densely populated cities in NSW.

Why should that matter to me?

All of this is great news for homeowners and investors already in Penrith, with more people heading to this idyllic Nepean River town, looking to find work opportunities and perhaps a place to put down roots, the effect of which, drives up the price of the local property market...a capital growth investment dream.

Choosing the right granny flat builder and the right granny flat plans and prices is a step in the right direction.

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By building a Granny Flat capital growth can be realised without selling out

Capitalising on the trend, investors are starting to add granny flats to their suite of investment properties, sometimes doubling their investment income.

Homeowners are becoming discerning with their soon-to-be coveted land in this emerging city and building stylish, well-designed granny flats on their own properties for elderly parents, business opportunities and just maybe, a chance at a passive, second income stream as a rental property.

Sounds pretty sensible right?

At Premier Granny Flat Builders, Penrith we have granny flats plans and prices to suit your particular needs. We have plans and prices to suit different size and shape blocks, different styles, different purposes, different budgets and different timelines.

Whatever your project, large or small, call us today to discuss your needs. With expertise across a diverse range of industry skills and experience, we are only too willing to assist you with your enquiry.

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