How Much Does It Cost to Build a Granny Flat – A Guide

Granny Flat building costs in SydneyAsking the Question, “How Much to Build a Granny Flat?”

With affordable housing alternatives on the rise, you might be asking ‘how much to build a granny flat?’ They can be amazing investments on both a financial and personal level, giving you security and freedom where it matters most. But there are a few things to be aware of to keep the cost to build a granny flat affordable.

What to Be Aware of Legally

When you’re planning to build a granny flat, it’s important to be aware of the council regulations which you must abide by and how they might affect the cost to build a granny flat.

Some stricter councils may charge a contribution fee, even up to $20,000. This is not common but it’s better to know it’s not there than to not know and pay the price later on.

On top of possible contribution fees, you might need to submit a Development Approval (DA) application. In some areas in New South Wales this is not needed if your property meets certain standards.

However, we always suggest working with a professional who knows their way around council legislature to make sure you have clarity the whole way through.

If you would like the clarity and confidence around your granny flat cost from reliable, professional advice then contact the team at Premier Granny Flats today for a free online assessment and quote.

Sydney granny flat building costsConsider What Facilities You Will Need

If you’re already asking, ‘how much to build a granny flat’, another consideration when it comes to cost is the amenities and facilities required in your granny flat.

Your second dwelling will need to have everything required for self-contained living which includes a kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom, and a personal, private entrance. These features make up the bulk of your granny flat cost.



Granny flats are investments and can add value to your property, making the cost of building them a worthwhile investment.

What Options Do I Have When Asking the Question, “How Much to Build a Granny Flat?”

When you build a granny flat, you have heaps of options available to you. One option is to custom build it on your property. This will come with its own extra price tag, but it gives you more security over the build and allows you to manage progress more closely.

Alternatively, kits are available which can be built manually to reduce a bit of the cost. Choosing this option will potentially risk the professional quality and attention to detail that working with a professional from Premier Granny Flats provides.

We are also able to build a granny flat on location at our warehouse and ship it to any of our service area locations. This may save on build cost however it will still require a foundation slab as well as utilities.

The point is there are plenty of options out there to suit you and your needs but the cost to build a granny flat depends on the features you need and the method you choose. For expert advice from professionals you can trust, contact Premier Granny Flats today for an online assessment and a chat about the right option for you.

Answering the Question, “How Much to Build a Granny Flat?”

Granny flat cost SydneyWhilst granny flats are not inexpensive, they are an investment and are cheaper than the alternative whilst remaining a high quality property investment option. If you’re chasing a custom build, we recommend working alongside quality builders who are experienced and can offer sound advice on all aspects surrounding granny flat builds. Feel free to drop in or reach out online to talk more about your custom build options with us at Premier Granny Flats.

Whilst every project is different and depends on the choices you make; you can always think cleverly and strategically about your design to ensure you are incorporating the most value for as little cost as possible.

We recommend working with our team before the build to enhance your design and save money where you can on your granny flat cost.

Alternatively, have a look at our plans and prices page and get in touch with any questions you have or clarifications you need.

So now that we’ve answered the question, “how much to build a granny flat,” contact us at Premier Granny Flats for more friendly advice that won’t lead you astray.