Modern Granny Flat – Affordable and Stylish

A Modern Granny Flat Changes the Affordable Housing Game

Sydney affordable granny flatsPremier Granny Flat’s modern granny flat selection is the superior option when it comes to comfort, luxury, and affordability. We offer a wide range of designs that are energy efficient and made from quality materials that won’t break the bank.

Although coined as a modern granny flat, you might have heard them referred to more recently as “tiny houses” or “small houses“.

This is because gone are the days when granny flat living was attractive only to grannies! Teenagers living at home, first homeowners looking to rent while they save, Air BnB guests, and countless other demographics are looking to granny flats as the future of affordable housing.

With the popularity and affordability of our granny flat designs, there is a home to suit every person’s needs no matter how uniquely individual they are.

Everyone has different tastes and different needs but with our team of expert designers and builders, you are guaranteed quality every time.

Granny flat designers are turning to more natural forms of glazing, insulation, heating, and cooling in keeping with the modern concern about sustainable building practices.

What’s Different About a Modern Granny Flat?

Because of the rise in popularity, granny flats are no longer an afterthought or something thrown together to accommodate elderly relatives. The modern granny flat is stylish and comfortable, as well as being designed to adapt to changing or flexible living situations. They are a clean, affordable alternative living solution to match the lifestyle of any number of people at different stages of life.

As well as being stylised, modern designs often are kinder to the environment than older designs. With concern for sustainability in energy consumption, waste, building materials and more, modern designs will leave you feeling good about the footprint you’re leaving in the world. That’s not to say you can’t have style though.

Premier Granny Flats offers a considerable range of stylish designs to fulfil all of your granny flat needs. Contact the team today!

Is There a Benefit to a Modern Granny Flat?

Modern granny flats in SydneyThe team at premier granny flats are solely dedicated to delivering quality designs and builds all day long. And there is a reason for it! In fact, many building companies are switching their sole focus to granny flats just to keep up with the demand.

We think people are beginning to see that luxury living doesn’t require a luxury bank account. In fact, having a granny flat can help increase your income should you move in and rent your primary residence out. More and more people are investing in granny flats and seeing the fruits right away.

Another benefit to building a granny flat is the added security it provides. Having another resident around your property will increase the safety and security of your life, whether it’s a rental tenant, a known family member, or someone else.

If the granny flat is for a known relative, it is possible they can be a great help with childcare, property maintenance and just helping out generally around the place.

For any questions you have, contact the friendly PGF team and we’ll be sure to help you out any way we can.

Is a Granny Flat Really Worth It?

Stylish granny flat designs SydneyWe believe that granny flats have the potential to be amazing, or we wouldn’t do what we do! It is important though to count the cost going into the project. Whilst often affordable and diverse, there are certain local and/or State approvals that need to be considered.

If your property is ineligible to have a granny flat built on it and you launch the project unaware, it can come back to bite you later on. We recommend jumping online for a free assessment with our team so we can begin guiding you through the process.

In some areas, you might not even need approval but it’s definitely worth seeking our expert advice so you can get onto building your modern granny flat sooner.

Call us today to get started on the journey. We’re waiting to take your call.