About Us: Premier Granny Flats
We love building and designing the good old granny flat; it’s just what we do!

It’s easy to spot someone who loves what they do… they’re the ones who show up, on time, with a smile and just can’t wait to create another happy customer. Well, that’s us! Check out our testimonials to see that we really are the ‘real deal’. No inquiry is too big or too small. We’re happy to take your call!

You can rely on us!

Creating 100% satisfied customers really is simple; it can be done by focusing on just one key attribute…reliability.

How many times have you called a tradesman for a quote but they just don’t show up? No phone call, no text message,  just a good old-fashioned ‘no show’. They probably figure your job is too small, or maybe they’re just too busy!

That’s not us!

If we’re not right for your job, we’ll tell you straight away and probably recommend someone who is.

The fact is, we are specialists. We specialise in building granny flats and our customers are always 100% satisfied.  We guarantee that we will show up, on time, every time and get the job done to your satisfaction.  That’s a trade guarantee you’ll be hard pressed to match anywhere else but we stand by it.

Granny Flat Builder


Sydney NSW

Hours of Operation

Mon – 9am – 5pm
Tue – 9am – 5pm
Wed – 9am – 5pm
Thur – 9am – 5pm
Fri – 9am – 5pm

What we offer?

We’re an all-services granny flat building company. From initial designs right through to council approval, we’ve got you covered. We’ll assign a consultant to hold your hand through every step of the process.

With over 20 years experience in the building industry, we know all the tricks and traps of building your own granny flat because we have built thousands! You’ll be surprised about how much detail and work goes into what seems like such a small build. Our experienced builders will lead you through the process to achieve your dream build.

Why Choose Us as Your Granny Flat builder and designer?

We’re licensed and insured and, best of all, our work is 100% guaranteed.

Contact us to view our plans, designs or display builds, or we can provide you with referees who can attest to our quality workmanship, excellent project management and professionalism.

These are real people, just like you, who were looking for a quality granny flat solution and we provided it. Our friendly team would be happy to speak with you about your plans and answer any questions you might have, followed by a free, no-obligation quote for your build.