Granny Flat plans and prices: A stylish addition to your new home!

Granny Flat Plans and Prices Sydney.  The humble granny flat has come a long way from its original purpose of a dowager house in Victorian times.

In generations past, the widow of the former property owner would be allowed to live on the land when the new heir, usually her son, took up residence in the main house.

This was a small, self-contained property, out of the way of the main house that allowed the aging widower to retain independence, yet still be part of a larger family group. Sound familiar?

Though once out of favour in Australia, granny flats are making a comeback, not just as a home based alternative for ageing parents but as a stylish accompaniment to home owners wanting to extend the capacity of their main house.

The reasons for building a granny flat vary; some people are actually seeking accommodation for older parents or other family members, while others still are looking for more profitable uses of a dwelling extension.

Sydney Urbanisation: Can a granny flat be the answer?

Urbanisation has given rise to smaller and smaller lot sizes in inner city areas and ever increasing rental prices. Once they leave the family home, young adults are finding it increasingly difficult to source accommodation that, at a minimum, is fit for backpacking.

It isn’t hard to find someone charging exorbitant prices for a shambles whose main feature is bed bugs! This is where Granny flat plans and prices Sydney really shines. There’s no need for your nearest and dearest to live in squalor because that’s all they can afford.

With a little thoughtful planning and some clever design, you can create a design that will compliment your home so well, you won’t remember what your property looked like without it.

Custom Design Granny Flats

At Premier Granny Flats, our designers can work with you to create a custom design that fulfils your individual needs with suitable plans and prices. A two bedroom granny flat can feel like an upscale NY apartment with the right design, fittings and configuration.

When I hear ‘designer’, I don’t automatically think of a rectangular brick construction; how about you? No, of course you don’t! Yet, google “designer granny flats” and all you’ll come up with is exactly that; rectangular brick constructions. An option of different facades is about as designer as it gets.

WILLANDRA Granny flat floor plan

That’s not what we’re about!

We are about air flow, natural lighting, attic windows and stylish fittings. We’re about complimentary materials, quality fixtures, green energy, smart storage, hidden bonuses, colour palettes and mood boards.

Essentially, we’re about style, comfort, smart designs and bang for your buck. Whatever the intended use for your granny flat, we have plans and prices to suit.   

Or, we can work with your design ideas, using our years of experience to find the smartest design solution for your granny flat. 

There’s no need to sacrifice style, comfort or individuality when you build a granny flat. Call us to find out how we can help you realise your perfect space.

Stay Within Your Granny Flat Budget

One of the most difficult aspects of building is staying within your budget. It’s easy for costs to blow out with changes and sometimes just the weather! We can help with that. With our granny flat plans and prices Sydney cost breakdown, including granny flat approval costs, you will know your costs from the outset. The best strategies to manage your costs are the most obvious ones:

  • Don’t change anything once the build has started
  • Be vigilant monitoring progress on the build (time and money)
  • Don’t overestimate your own ability
granny flats sydney prices

Don’t change anything once the build has started! We see this all the time…the plans and prices are finalised, then the clients see a fitting they just have to have. Or worse, they watch the latest episode of Grand Designs and see a brand new build method that they think will save them thousands. It doesn’t – it never does.

Don’t get me wrong, we want you to have exactly what you want, and it is difficult to visualise what something may look like when it’s on paper. But just bear in mind, any changes you make will, 9 times out of 10, cost you more money, not save it. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, take the time to plan carefully, then stick to your plan, see our article about building with us!

Be vigilant monitoring progress on the build – at the beginning of a build, there’s so much energy around. You’ll feel like you’re on top of everything! But as the build goes on, it’s easy to get busy with life and forget where everything is supposed to be up to. This is particularly true if you fall into trap number 1 as above.

Once you start making changes, costs blow out – so can the timeline, sometimes by months! At the start of the build, ask your builder for a detailed timeline and make sure everyone is sticking to their side of the deal.

That includes, no extra costs that pop up mid-build (check your contract to make sure everything is included) and no changes to the plans unless they are absolutely necessary.  

Don’t overestimate your own ability!


“From start to finish the process was easy. Premier Granny Flats were on time and on budget. Nothing like dealing with professionals. So easy, thank you”.Granny Flat Build 5 Star Rating

John H, Sydney

At premier Granny Flats we love to make people happy, and our granny flat plans and prices Sydney are doing just that!

Granny Flat plans and Prices Sydney - Common Questions

How much does a granny flat cost?

Choosing the right granny flat for you is about asking yourself, ‘What is the purpose of the build?’ Answering this question should give you a good idea about how much you should be prepared to spend on your granny flat.

Remember though, this addition to your home is going to be a very visible one; you don’t want to go cheap and regret it later. For more information about granny flat designs, see our article about Granny Flat Designs.

What are the council/legal costs involved to put a granny flat on my property?

Approval comes at a cost but it’s worth having someone do it properly for you to ensure that your granny flat adds value to your property. Budget $10,000 for the approval process if you aren’t doing it yourself. That should allow for any contingencies that come up. If you’re tackling the job yourself, contact your local council to find out the fees specific to you as they vary from shire to shire.