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Whatever the style you have in mind – attached, detached, studio, two-story, one-bedroom, 2 bedroom or garage/verandah attached – we can work through solutions with you to realise the potential of your property with our range of granny flat plans and prices.

We’re about matching Granny Flat plans to your home not fitting your home around standard designs

Though a practical addition to any home, a granny flat doesn’t have to be a literal place where a granny lives. And neither does it have to be a tribute to the styles of yesteryear with tiny spaces and crocheted doilies (but by all means do this if that’s your style!).

You’ll always find a use for your granny flat even when your intended purpose is done. And with Premier Granny Flat Builders’ plans and prices, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your intention and your budget.

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What are your plans? Retirement facility? In-home care?

As always, legal advice should be sought prior to any decisions being made but considering a granny flat built on your property for an ageing population might just be a mutually beneficial way forward. It certainly affords the best opportunity to maintain a level of control over the quality of care and companionship that your elders receive into their golden years.

Granny flat designs that consider the welfare of the elderly can incorporate all kinds of assistive aids for the safely of those dwelling within, allowing the freedom of independent living with the peace of mind that someone is close by if help is needed.

And if, at some point, your granny flat no longer houses an elderly relative, or you just don’t in fact have one to accommodate, then a well-designed granny flat has a myriad of other uses. Think home business, art or recording studio or if you situation allows, a passive income stream as a rental property or BnB.

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Always take the right advice from a licensed and experienced builder. You should never take short cuts with your granny flat design or build and neither should you miss this important step

A well-designed granny flat can look just like an extension of your already stylish home. In fact, we often hear our clients say that they quickly forgot what their property looked like before, so seamlessly does the granny flat match their current dwelling.

As granny flat builders, we have built granny flats for many purposes and we will no doubt have some ideas for your project. Be involved as much as you need to feel like you are getting what you want, then sit back and let us do the rest.