Blacktown Granny Flat Plans and Prices

Granny Flat Plans and Prices Blacktown. Our custom granny flat designs and convenient standard packages allow us to create a stylish accompaniment to any home.

House your ageing relatives or your next new venture!

In Blacktown, granny flat plans and prices vary as much as the weather so it’s important to do your research and find exactly what you want.

At Blacktown Granny Flat Builders, we take the time to discover your needs and tailor the perfect solution.

Why not start as you mean to go on with a custom designed granny flat, with plans and prices to suit your budget, constructed by people who do this every day and built in a time frame advantageous to you.

Doing it ‘on the cheap’, more often than not, can be costly in the long run!

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Are Blacktown Granny Flats plans and prices the best around?

Well, we think so! Even so, we are commonly asked advice about granny flats that come in flat packs, ready to assemble. The usual question is. ‘Are they cheaper?’. Well, the answer is simply, yes…and no.

And we’ll tell you why

Here’s the yes part…You might be able to find something online that looks like a super bargain. All of the materials are there and if you’re handy, perhaps you think you could save yourself some of the funds you’ve put aside for this project.

But, look a little closer…what are the inclusions? What isn’t included? And if you’re not building the granny flat yourself, how much will it cost for someone else to put it together?

Ask yourself…Do I have the skills to do this? Do I have the time to get this finished for my purposes?

Granny Flat Plans and Prices Blacktown

For most people, it’s a bit of a shock to add up all of the extras, unexpected outlays and time that it takes to complete such a massive project. In actual fact, as the premier granny flat builders in Blacktown, we receive many calls each month from distressed homeowners who ordered a flat-pack thinking they would save money but then have no idea how to proceed…and that’s how we come to the NO!